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Free Meditative Movements™ In the Park

Practicing Meditative Movements in Park

You are invited to practice Meditative Movements™ with Ellie and other instructors at Park Siding Park (3113 W 28th St, Minneapolis). Being outside while moving your body, breathing our Minnesota air, and affirming your intrinsic value is invigorating. Whatever your physical abilities there are standing, seated, and floor movements you can practice safely. Bring a mat or towel or a chair. Remember to bring along some water.

No need to sign up...just show up and bring a friend along. If it's raining the class will be cancelled.

Sun, Jun 25, 2:00 - 3:00pm
Tue, Jun 27 6:30-7:30pm
Thur, July 6 6:00-7:00pm
Sat, July 8 1:30-2:30pm

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