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  2019 Yes to Life Nine Week Phone Classes

How Are You Saying Yes to Life?

Are you living your life in a healthy body with a calm mind and an abundance of enthusiastic energy?

This nine week phone class exists so that your answer can be a resounding "YES" that echoes in, as and through you.

You will learn how to enrich your daily living while moving towards your lifetime dreams. Exploring new ways of being can be fun, easy and empowering. It does require effort. You will receive insights, guidance and practical exercises that you can implement on a weekly basis for the nine weeks.

Saying "YES" to life is like climbing a mountain. At the base of the mountain, the summit looks far off. In order to reach the destination, you take the time to educate yourself about the basic survival skills needed: what clothes to wear, how to adjust to the unpredictable changing weather, how to use a compass, and the amount of hiking practice needed to avoid painful body parts. One important component is developing a strong mental resolve. When you feel ready, you muster up your courage and take your first step upwards.

Starting out, you may experience many different emotions. You keep on going because deep down you feel connected to the adventure. As you ascend, you become more skilled and you adapt to the inherent changes you encounter with confidence. You breathe differently, you sense the changes in weather, and you meet other animals and people who cross your path. Perhaps you spend a little time with them or they accompany you on the entire journey.

As you go along, you may become discouraged. You may be surprised at your response to each day's events. Through practice and experience, you learn what you need to adjust in order to reach the top.

So it is in life. We need to learn skills that will keep us safe, energized, and moving in the direction of our highest purpose. Wherever you are, my hope is that this class can give you what you need to embrace your life's next adventurous step.

Opening your heart and mind, you learn how to be more peaceful. By releasing harmful stress, you will naturally experience more joy, love and abundance.

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Open Heart and Mind

Classes are on Wednesday evenings from 8:00-9:00pm EST. The first class starts on Wednesday, January 2 and continues through February 27, 2019.

Your $49.99 investment includes:

$49.99 Investment

Affirm Yourself, Move Your Body, Change Your Life