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   Being a positive energy is up to you. You need to focus your attention on yourself and your own personal power. By exercising your body and retraining your mind with affirmations, you can be an impactful and energized being. This is mindful living. Through standard and customized seminars, instructor certifications as well as print and video resources, you can learn how to tap your own positive energy so you can feel healthier, happier and whole.

    If you want to be more focused, positive, and relaxed, give our movements a try. We have 8 free seated movements you can perform easily. You can replace any unhealthy habits like smoking, overeating, and lack of sleep with Meditative Movements. Releasing anxiety, worries and stress frees you. You can enjoy your life more fully in a fit body, with a calm mind, and free spirit.

    Our easy-to-follow, empowering workouts are available for home, office, school, gym and group fitness classes. Whatever your physical abilities, there are movements you can perform safely. When you set aside time to focus 100% on your own mind, body and being, you experience ease in everyday living.

Taking Life in Stride


WCCO TV Interview

CBS Interview

   Click to watch a short interview clip with Natalie Nyhus from WCCO TV. You can learn what others are saying about Meditative Movements.