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WCCO Interview with Natalie Nyhus

CBS Interview   Watch Ellie's TV Interview Here!

   June 6, 2013 MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities woman is encouraging people to explore affirmations plus physical activity as a technique for self-improvement.
   “Life has so many blessings, and that’s what it’s about — to know that life is for you. And to be able to get rid of the anger and blame. Getting in touch, being aware, tapping that personal power and using simple movements every day to remind us,” coach Ellie Peterson said. Ellie Peterson looks at exercise differently.

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Practice 8 Mindful Meditative Movements

Try these simple mindfulness exercise movements. If you want to explore each of the movements in detail, join us for our free Yes to Life phone series.

Empowering You

   Creating positive energy starts with you. You need to focus your attention on yourself and your own personal power so you can be an impactful and energized being. This is mindful living. Through standard and customized seminars as well as print and video resources, you can learn how to tap your own positive energy so you can feel healthier, happier and whole.

    The Power of Positive Workouts™ program empowers you to take charge of your life by providing daily tools that can help you be reenergized and excited about yourself and your career. The demands on your time for work, caring for your families and others can be a challenge. Many times you forget to take care of yourself.

    This easy-to-follow, fun workout allows you to focus 100% on your own mind, body and being. Creating a positive, healthy life starts with a fit you.

      Contact Ellie Peterson ~ 612-710-3415 ~ ellie@powerpositiveworkouts.com

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Inspiring You

   Two Distinctive Program Offerings with Affirmations

     Office Workouts: You can provide opportunities for your employees to explore new ways to be healthier and happier through interactive workshops and classes. This program combines simple movements with positive affirmations and mindfulness that can be performed during a normal workday.

     Traditional Workouts: The Meditative Movement program includes workouts that are appropriate at home, in a classroom and gym settings. Spoken affirmation mantras put the power of your subconscious to work so you experience mindful living.

  I Am ~ I Trust ~ I Am Successful ~ I Respect ~ I Persist ~ I Am Responsible ~ I Am Open ~ I Am Creative ~ I Can ~ I Let Go ~ I Am Happy ~ I Am Free ~ I Believe ~ I Let Go ~ I Am Confident ~ I Am Free ~ I Am Strong ~ I Release Fear ~ I Am ~ I Trust ~ I Am Successful ~ I Respect ~ I Persist ~ I Am Responsible ~ I Am Open ~ I Am Creative ~ I Can
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