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 How to Quickly, Easily Feel Safe with COVID-19

Are you feeling more vulnerable hearing about the COVID-19 virus? Instead of panicking and feeling helpless, you can practice Meditative Movements™ to release your anxieties and fears. This approach is ideal for these kinds of stressful situations.

We follow the Centers for Disease Control's protocols like washing our hands to protect our physical bodies. What can you do for your own mental and emotional health? According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five U.S. adults experience mental illness each year. We all need to feel safe and confident amidst the stressors in our external environment. Even people who are not prone to depression or anxiety can have their health impacted with this kind of outbreak.

First, remember that you cannot control external events like the virus and natural disasters. Now what can you control? You can exercise your mind, body and spirit by practicing the I Am Safe Meditative Movement™. As you perform the movement, notice how you feel. Stay focused and practice the movement whenever you need to bring yourself back to the present moment.

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Bring your fear, anxieties and worries to our upcoming free online classes. We will explore the Meditative Movement technique which has been found to reduce anxiety, depression and fatigue while improving emotional and functional well-being per the 2017 University of Minnesota research study.

In this 3-part series, you will learn strategies to help you and your loved ones be calmer amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. These empowering exercises can be performed during your routine day and are adaptable to anyone's physical ability.

Ellie Peterson, creator of the technique, was a divorced 23-year-old mother with three children under the age of five. Feeling depressed, she had little energy or enjoyment in her life. Her unhealthy habits caused her to feel disconnected from herself and others. She was a heavy smoker, weighing only 100 pounds, but still thought she was fat. Working as 'Ellie from the deli' making $5.30/hour, she didn't feel like she deserved that much.

The Meditative Movement program was born out of this pain. Ellie believes in the power of the body, mind and spirit to lead us through life. When you tap into your own personal power in this new way, you can be peaceful in each present moment because life is for us.


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Meditative Movements for Youth, Adults, Seniors, Assisted Living, Independent, Skilled Nursing

Are you looking for more calm, better sleep, increased confidence, less anxiety, and more energy? Are you wanting to improve your mental, emotional and physical health? If yes, you are in the right place. We offer you simple Meditative Movements™ that you can use throughout your normal daily routine to release stress when you feel it.

You will connect with your personal power in a new way so you can be healthier, happier and feel whole. The movements can be performed in your home, care facilities, office, school, gym, fitness classes and group sessions. Youth, adults, and seniors enjoy practicing the movements which strengthen their bodies, calm their minds and energize their spirit. .

We invite you to check out our 30 minute streaming workout. We also offer teaching certificates that earn you Continuing Education Units (CEU).

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 2017 University of Minnesota Research Findings

The University of Minnesota Occupational Therapy Department feasibility research study concluded that Meditative Movements™ may be effective in reducing anxiety, depression, and fatigue, while improving emotional and functional well-being for persons with chronic health conditions. The findings suggest that Meditative Movements™ may be used as an alternative and complementary therapy or rehabilitation program for persons with chronic health conditions.

Chronic diseases and conditions such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems.

The prevention and management of chronic health conditions is a major challenge for the current health care system. There is growing evidence that complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) have beneficial effects for managing the many symptoms of chronic health conditions. Use of CAM to improve health and well-being has increased over the years (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2007). American adults are most likely to use CAM for problems such as stress, fatigue, and pain.

When asked what was most beneficial, research participants responded.

More calmBetter sleepFeel more positive about self Less negative attitudeMore confidence Less tired, more energy

SLACK Publication, Annals of International Occupational Therapy, APRIL 2019, Volume 2, Issue 2

 Annals of International Occupational Therapy

The Annals of International Occupational Therapy is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal that includes original articles that focus on research as related to the clinical practice of occupational therapy worldwide. To read their posted abstract on "Effects of Meditative Movements on the Symptoms of Persons With Chronic Health Conditions," click here.

Emmons T., Felts J., Peterson E., Mathiowetz V.(2019). Effects of Meditative Movements on the Symptoms of Persons With Chronic Health Conditions. Annals of International Occupational Therapy. 2(2) 57-67.

Reprinted with permission from SLACK Incorporated

For more details about the 2017 University of Minnesota : Effects of Meditative Movements™ on Symptoms Of Persons with Chronic Health Conditions research.

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